May 29, 2010

Nickelodeon used to have a cable channel called GAS where they’d basically just play all their old game shows from the 80s-90s. One of these shows was called Get the Picture, hosted by Mike O’Malley (who would later become the host of GUTS). I saw this moment around 2002 or 2003 and I’ve been talking about it to anyone who’ll listen. Finding a clip of it on YouTube would be like finding the Holy Grail for me.

mike o’malley
(paraphrased from memory)

MIKE O’MALLEY: Name a #1 George Michael song.1

CONTESTANT #1: *names a song*

CONTESTANT #2: *names a different song*

NERDY-LOOKING BOY: *does some embarrassed hemming and hawing*

MIKE O’MALLEY: *tells him to say it*

NERDY-LOOKING BOY: (blushing profusely) “I Want Your Sex”

AUDIENCE: *goes crazy!*

MIKE O’MALLEY: *doesn’t appear to know what to do* Judges…?

AUDIENCE: *continues going crazy*

MIKE O’MALLEY: It’s okay to say it… *looks at camera, gives lets out an exaggerated sigh of relief* Whew!

NOTES: 1 I think this was the category/question, but Wikipedia says “I Want Your Sex” was never a #1 single, so either it was just “name any George Michael song,” or they didn’t accept the kid’s answer. Or maybe they felt sorry for him and accepted it anyway.