June 30, 2010

googleOK why does Google keep trying to compete with Facebook??? It’s like mcdonald’s trying to compete with home depot. “Yes our mission is to sell hamburgers. selling powertools is part of that mission. that way the customer doesn’t need to go somewhere else.” I’m all for a Facebook competitor, hopefully one that doesn’t get caught in a big privacy scandal every six months, but Google just seems like a crazy schizophrenic attention-seeker trying to do everything at once. Also, what of orkut and buzz? How many social networks does this company need??

June 30, 2010
scotus babies

Is this not the cutest depiction of the Supreme Court ever made????
June 28, 2010
anthropomorphic republican talking duck
New Anthropomorphic Republican Talking Duck
June 20, 2010 is seven years old today, HOORAY FOR EVERYTHING

Here’s what you can expect in the coming year

Congratulations on another step down the road toward growing up. Sevens are delightful to be around. They’ve shed a bit more of the neediness and uncertainty of younger years, and bring enthusiasm and curiosity to everything they do. Mastering skills like reading and simple math gives your child a confidence and excitement about academics.

Sevens tend to ask lots of questions, because they’re keen observers with a big need to know about everything. They thrive on order but are better able to roll with change than they used to be.

Your 7-year-old is mature enough to form his own opinions about many things. He looks to peers and other adult authority figures to inform his ideas. But his parents firmly remain the shining lights in his universe. Sevens still like to cuddle, hold hands, and show their affection in ways that typically vanish (at least in public) over the coming years. (source)

June 19, 2010
I was looking for audio files of Supreme Court arguments for a possible future project (DON’T ASK WHAT THE PROJECT IS!!!) and came across Oyez, which is a very impressive piece of work. It puts everything Supreme Court related together on a site that’s easy on the eyes, with a super-neat transcript player that lets you jump to particular parts of the transcript. I don’t believe I had ever heard any of the justices’ voices before, and it’s very cool to listen to Scalia’s zingers instead of just reading them.
June 11, 2010

Mallard Fillmore Watch



June 8, 2010

rock choirOh, hello! Lately I’ve been thinking about the ephemerality of my posts. Every time I make a new one, another one slides off the main page, and then the only way to see it again was to go through the monthly archives, which I admit was kind of clunky. So, I’ve made a bunch of belated changes to the archive page:

» All the front page posts are now on one page! There used to be a different page for each year, which was stupid!

» Also, links have been added for (almost) every individual post! Some of them, mostly the ones that are just pictures, are unlisted because they are easter eggs for you to find! They will be our little secret ;-)

» I added a search box! If you’re looking for a thing, you can find it easier now, maybe

» The archive pages for recurring “features” Mallard Fillmore Watch, Historical Fun Facts, and those 24 things have been redesigned. It was cool when they updated automatically (thanks to my genius use of secret “posting labels”) but now I have to do it manually! Oh well

» New pages for BREAKING NEWS FROM THE WORLD OF HOLLYWOOD!!!, Unsolved T.V. Mysteries, and Weekly Font Announcement have been created! Now you can see ’em all together, thereby weakening their individual impact!

» I decided to redo my April Fool’s page from 2006 so it’s easier on the eyes, because I’ve always hated the craptacular job I did on the original version. The content is still the same. Ha ha, remember in 2006 when stupid tech blogs kept posting ridiculous rumors about touchscreen iPods and Google PCs?

» Speaking of 2006, here’s what this site looked like back then (terrible)