June 8, 2010

rock choirOh, hello! Lately I’ve been thinking about the ephemerality of my posts. Every time I make a new one, another one slides off the main page, and then the only way to see it again was to go through the monthly archives, which I admit was kind of clunky. So, I’ve made a bunch of belated changes to the archive page:

» All the front page posts are now on one page! There used to be a different page for each year, which was stupid!

» Also, links have been added for (almost) every individual post! Some of them, mostly the ones that are just pictures, are unlisted because they are easter eggs for you to find! They will be our little secret ;-)

» I added a search box! If you’re looking for a thing, you can find it easier now, maybe

» The archive pages for recurring “features” Mallard Fillmore Watch, Historical Fun Facts, and those 24 things have been redesigned. It was cool when they updated automatically (thanks to my genius use of secret “posting labels”) but now I have to do it manually! Oh well

» New pages for BREAKING NEWS FROM THE WORLD OF HOLLYWOOD!!!, Unsolved T.V. Mysteries, and Weekly Font Announcement have been created! Now you can see ’em all together, thereby weakening their individual impact!

» I decided to redo my April Fool’s page from 2006 so it’s easier on the eyes, because I’ve always hated the craptacular job I did on the original version. The content is still the same. Ha ha, remember in 2006 when stupid tech blogs kept posting ridiculous rumors about touchscreen iPods and Google PCs?

» Speaking of 2006, here’s what this site looked like back then (terrible)