July 6, 2010

nancy 1933

  • The conclusion to Anime Club (part 5) was posted and it’s….. kinda underwhelming. Taken as a whole, though, the anime club saga has been a good ride
  • Pokey the Penguin appears to have been updating daily for the past two weeks or so, if the rss feed is to be believed. Good to see THE AUTHORS still at it. SHOCKING CONFESSION: I always assumed “I love it when a plan comes together” was an original Pokeyism, and only recently discovered it’s from A-Team
  • This troll arc of Homestuck has been fun to read. Occasionally I check out the message board but their enthusiasm weirds me out
  • I enjoyed Sourpuss 1 and 2. The story is kinda lackluster but the artwork is great. I await part 3
  • I’ve never really cared for Adrian Tomine that much but this collection of his early work was the bee’s knees
  • The Muppet Show Comic Book completely nails the muppets, corny jokes and all. The artwork has this weird way of making them look like sentient creatures, yet still puppet-like. One of the more current ones, which I haven’t read, brought back Skeeter from Muppet Babies. It’s reassuring to know she made it to Muppet adulthood.
  • I picked up Cramhole #3 at random and the first strip was illustrated by Dorothy Gambrell of Cat and Girl fame, which was a pleasant surprise. The rest is good too. I liked Amy Shapiro’s artwork but she doesn’t appear to do much comics
  • Tales Designed To Thrizzle #6 was delightful but I wasn’t over the moon about it
  • Wasn’t there going to be a big collection of Ernie Pook’s Commeek or something? Wha’happen??