August 20, 2010


  • I changed the left-hand menu a little bit… web 2.0 junk is now “Elsewhere.” PRO TIP: Click on the word “you” to get a new picture of you
  • Speaking of web services, why are Microsoft’s spread across three different sites? I know it’s The Microsoft Way to have multiple versions of everything, but come on dudes. At least combine the last two.
  • Speaking of Microsoft, Google’s been characterized as “The New Microsoft” because they keep trying to compete with every company on every front (smartphones, social networking, web browsers, and soon music retailing and games). Facebook seems to getting into this habit too… they redid the news feed to emphasize status updates as a chess move against Twitter a year or two ago, now they’ve added a foursquare sorta-competitor (Places) and a Yahoo! Answers (and maybe-sorta-kinda Formspring) competitor (Questions). IS FACEBOOK BECOMING THE NEW GOOGLE WHICH IS THE NEW MICROSOFT WHICH WAS THE NEW IBM???
  • Speaking of foursquare, which I totally don’t get, I was going to do a joke where I’d pretend to be “checking in” from Auschwitz, because I thought juxtaposing stupid, frivolous web 2.0 smartphone crap involving “badges” and “mayorships” with the site where 1.1 million people were exterminated would make for some good satirizin’. But, as it turns out, satire is dead – 32 people have already “checked in” from there, some of them presumably having done so without a trace of irony. Congratulations on becoming the mayor of Auschwitz, Kasia.