September 16, 2010
  • It’s stupid eye candy geared more towards showing off what they can do than benefiting the user
  • It feels designed to make regular folk feel like they’re some super-important power user absorbing GIGABYTES OF DATA like some “L33T HAX0R” from some godawful movie from the 90s where the monitor somehow projects on their face, when they’re actually just looking for the lyrics to “When Mermaids Cry” by Eagle Eye Cherry
  • Maybe I’m getting old but I don’t want to see a bunch of one-second flashes of information. I’M NOT A ROBOT, information overload makes me sick
  • google instant

  • WOW thanks for searching the letter “r” for me google this is totally useful and not a complete waste of time
  • You’re not going to get what you’re actually looking for until you’ve typed about 75% of your query, which means the multiple screens of search results you’re subjected to before that point are worthless garbage
  • The blog post announcing it touted that it will eventually save you ELEVEN HOURS!!! But I thought people weren’t spending enough time on Google, which is why they’re supposedly making a new social network even though they already have several???
  • Are Google engineers getting enough to do? Why do they keep adding worthless features to things? “Boy howdy I sure would like to phone my gmail friends from the browser, for some reason” – something that nobody in the world has ever thought to themselves