November 1, 2010

Hey, my Simpsons fansite’s page about the Simpsons Movie DVD somehow made the Onion’s A.V. Club, in an Inventory of “25 1/2 gimmicky DVD commentary tracks” as the 1/2!

25 1/2. Wish-fulfillment commentary, The Simpsons Movie
What could’ve turned out to be the greatest series of commentary tracks ever turned out to be an elaborate joke from a website that seems to have a love/hate relationship with The Simpsons. (Which in the Simpsons universe, means the site’s writers used to love it, and now hate it.) The imaginary “ultimate collector’s DVD” of The Simpsons Movie contains no fewer than eight commentary tracks, ranging from the expected cast track to commentaries from Rupert Murdoch, “Internet Nerds,” and “Disgruntled Ex-Staffers Who Were Not Asked To Participate.” There’s even an idea so dumb it might work: an “Illustrated Commentary” in which Matt Groening and his team sketch over the movie as it’s happening. Alas, the set and its many commentaries were just fanfic; in spite of the many Internet references from people passing this information around as gospel, it doesn’t actually exist.

This is a much more amicable description than’s writeup, where the writer got all mad at me because he fell for my “not very funny” joke. Although, for the record, I didn’t come up with the idea for “Illustrated Commentary,” they’ve been a feature of many a Simpsons DVD. You’d think a site that writes about audio commentaries a lot would know that!

(thanks to twitterdude @robbiegoodwin for notifying me, since I doubt I would’ve found that on my own)