December 31, 2010

Same deal as last time. All things considered, this was a pretty good year for my site and its subsidiaries.


They were all winners in my book


The UnOfficial Michael Cera WebPage – I wasn’t going to do anything for April Fool’s Day, since I had just moved and all, but then I became struck with inspiration and basically put that all together in one sitting


holiday blues – In case you’re reading this from the future, this was about the averted Christmas Day bombing and the gross exploitation of it


Midterm Election Winners & Losers, and Their Simpsons CounterpartsSimpsons and politics, hooray! I had fun figuring out who would be who, got some good zingers in, and discovered how I felt about Obama along the way.


ANIME OF “THE STATE”The State member and Wet Hot American Summer director David Wain actually linked to this!!!


*shovels self out of snow* Well, so much for global warming! *face contours into smuggest possible expression and stays that way forever* 29 Dec via web

Moving to Movable Type was the best thing I ever did, because it’s very flexible and customizable. I think I’ve gotten into a good rhythm with And Twitter has continued to challenge my mind into crafting the perfect one-liner. I’ve got some stuff planned for 2011 that will hopefully knock your socks off.

Thanks for reading

December 28, 2010

“You think this is some sort of game?!?!” – cool line for a film adaptation of a video game

December 27, 2010
Mallard Fillmore Watch

Mallard Fillmore forgot about Veteran’s Day again doh

This is the second time since 2006 (third if you include 2009, but there was never a “whoops, my bad!” comic acknowledging it so I don’t think it counts)

So this Santa person, who according to legend can see people at any time, feels “really guilty” about watching young girls…?

Ha ha, the post office is quickly becoming obsolete! Good one, newspaper cartoonist working in dying medium

December 25, 2010

merry christmas!!!!

Unicode Holiday Xmas Tree is a creation of Britta Gustafson and Douglas Thrift.

December 24, 2010

Apparently I’ve had a map of Fourside from Earthbound on my site since 2003, even though I didn’t know about the existence of Earthbound until 2010???????

December 23, 2010
Here’s a political cartoon I found in one of my directories, I don’t know if I ever posted it

taxpayer snowman

December 21, 2010

this is going to be my new go-to emoticon

December 17, 2010

delicious cloudsWell, the fate of my second-favorite web service, Delicious, is currently in limbo. Since 2005, I’ve been using it as a spare memory retainer, hoarding links so I don’t forget about them. I assumed it was safe since the internet behemoth Yahoo! was footing the bill, but apparently the company needs to “sunset” all three of its bookmarking services so it can focus on its “core strengths” – presumably as soon as it figures out what those are. OK, sure, the Delicious community never really went beyond technophiles, librarians, and fanfic-writers, but I think a “bookmark on Delicious” button could have become as ubiquitous as the Facebook “Like” button had it given it a bigger push. Unfortunately, Yahoo! just let it languish instead of leveraging its full potential. I’m super-bummed, but hopefully Delicious will live on in some form.

December 17, 2010

Well, I already decorated my Simpsons fansite for the holidays, so I figured I’d bring some of that Christmas kitsch back to the mothership. These lights add a lot of color, maybe I should keep them up forever???

December 15, 2010
kim jong-il looking at an ear of corn crunkus
December 13, 2010

pokey nowI got an e-mail today from Pokey the Penguin (I guess he still has my address from when I inquired about the well-being of the author, Steve Havelka, after Pokey declared him dead) informing me about the new (first-ever?) collection of Pokey strips that you can purchase and hold in your hands. I don’t think Pokey the Penguin has a “web 2.0” presence, so consider this my part to spread Awareness.

Dear Chum,

Pokey has a book!! It is the first volume
in a compleat printing of all of Pokey’s adventures.

It contains:

– 76 pages of fun

– also contains four pages of tedious boilerplate

This item yields week after week of enjoyment! The initial
printing is of limited quantity and is not yet available in stores.

It is likely that you will injure yourself from enjoyment.

The cost is 12 per book, plus $3 shipping ($8 overseas). Ships
anywhere in the world.

Friends, please click here!!

Order by December 19th to have book shipped to arrive on or before
December 25th.

Pokey the Penguin is probably the first “true” webcomic, and it’s had significant influence on what is now considered “internet humor.” Much respect.

December 12, 2010

haha they’re making a super-serious version of little red riding hood

all the upcoming movies are big dramatic epics based on toy commercials from the 80s or nursery rhymes

and you can’t make fun of them because your parody will become real in 5 years

December 10, 2010

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAA :-O:-O:-O:-O

naughty list

Santa put me on his naughty list because I called him an impostor and he won’t take me off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-O

December 9, 2010

“let’s have lunch at the 90s diner” – a quote from the future

December 6, 2010

jetpackI hesitate to call this a redesign, since I always strive to make things look the same instead of Gawker-esque “moving beyond the blog,” but I made a few changes

  • For the first time ever, is frameless! That means that this area over here with all the words and the menu to the left are no longer on separate pages. This is a big deal to me, since I was going to stubbornly keep using frames in defiance of modern web aesthetics, but it just became more and more impractical as time went on.
  • More links added to the menu! I was always wary of adding too many links because my screen used to be ridiculously small back in the day, and because a scrollbar might appear, which would expose the menu as a frame and destroy the illusion of it not being a frame.
  • Donate page added! If you’ve got some extra cash lying around, it would be supercool if you donated some of it to help fund this website and misc. creative projects! Also I heard that it could make you 10 pts. sexier
  • More rotating images and jokes added to the top! Also, the joke on the right turns into a title when you look at a monthly archive. PRETTY NIFTY, EHH???
  • All the monthly archives prior to February 2010 (when I had to switch from Blogger to Movable Type) are just gonna stay the way they are, since I’d have to do ’em all individually and that’s mega-annoying.
  • Smells added! (HTML6-enabled browsers only)
December 3, 2010
nancy happy birthday kitty
December 2, 2010