December 13, 2010

pokey nowI got an e-mail today from Pokey the Penguin (I guess he still has my address from when I inquired about the well-being of the author, Steve Havelka, after Pokey declared him dead) informing me about the new (first-ever?) collection of Pokey strips that you can purchase and hold in your hands. I don’t think Pokey the Penguin has a “web 2.0” presence, so consider this my part to spread Awareness.

Dear Chum,

Pokey has a book!! It is the first volume
in a compleat printing of all of Pokey’s adventures.

It contains:

– 76 pages of fun

– also contains four pages of tedious boilerplate

This item yields week after week of enjoyment! The initial
printing is of limited quantity and is not yet available in stores.

It is likely that you will injure yourself from enjoyment.

The cost is 12 per book, plus $3 shipping ($8 overseas). Ships
anywhere in the world.

Friends, please click here!!

Order by December 19th to have book shipped to arrive on or before
December 25th.

Pokey the Penguin is probably the first “true” webcomic, and it’s had significant influence on what is now considered “internet humor.” Much respect.