December 6, 2010

jetpackI hesitate to call this a redesign, since I always strive to make things look the same instead of Gawker-esque “moving beyond the blog,” but I made a few changes

  • For the first time ever, is frameless! That means that this area over here with all the words and the menu to the left are no longer on separate pages. This is a big deal to me, since I was going to stubbornly keep using frames in defiance of modern web aesthetics, but it just became more and more impractical as time went on.
  • More links added to the menu! I was always wary of adding too many links because my screen used to be ridiculously small back in the day, and because a scrollbar might appear, which would expose the menu as a frame and destroy the illusion of it not being a frame.
  • Donate page added! If you’ve got some extra cash lying around, it would be supercool if you donated some of it to help fund this website and misc. creative projects! Also I heard that it could make you 10 pts. sexier
  • More rotating images and jokes added to the top! Also, the joke on the right turns into a title when you look at a monthly archive. PRETTY NIFTY, EHH???
  • All the monthly archives prior to February 2010 (when I had to switch from Blogger to Movable Type) are just gonna stay the way they are, since I’d have to do ’em all individually and that’s mega-annoying.
  • Smells added! (HTML6-enabled browsers only)