January 18, 2011
link dump of the indeterminate time period

24: Season Two: The Musical – I’d sorta forgotten about this and then I came across it again recently. Still incredible! The best ones are “Bring It On!” and “Three Countries in the Middle East.” I kind of want to do a musical now

Nerds Ruin Everything – I should stop reading this because it just makes me mad

Nancy Panels – Now I can get awesome Nancy panels without waiting for Saturday

Don’t have a cow, man – This is probably old news to you but check out this e-mail exchange between Judd Apatow and the creator of That ’70s Show. There’s a lotta cattitude and the fur flies and the claws really come out and all kinds of other cat-related idioms occur

Teen Wizard Academy – Here’s some cool comics from stopmakingsteve about wizards

Heinz Automato 4 – Is this the future of ketchup??? maybe