February 28, 2011
youve got mail

this couple found love on aol

February 27, 2011

I just realized that when The Simpsons ends after fifty seasons the media coverage will probably quote the producers saying things like “we wanted go out on top” and “we wanted to end the show before the quality started to suffer” without a hint of irony

February 25, 2011

HTML5 is the future

February 22, 2011

Impact is now officially worse than Comic Sans

February 20, 2011
garfield, 5/28/1979

Garfield…. LOVES Mondays?!?!

February 18, 2011

hog and dog


New Hog & Dog comics!!!

The one that talks about the BP oil spill in the present tense should give you an idea of how long it took me to compile just 12 measly strips

February 17, 2011
Got your ears on?

Recently I mused that the internet would be a lot funner if we all pretended to be truck drivers communicating on CB radio. Well, I’ve been giving it a lot of thought, and I’ve whipped up a few proposals:

  • Usernames/screennames should be referred to as userhandles
  • Facebook “Like” buttons should say “That’s a big 10-4”
  • Twitter users should say CT (copy that) instead of RT (retweet) (this one courtesy of big time operator Mobute)
  • Location services like Google Maps or Foursquare should ask “What’s your 20?”
  • Instant messengers or chatroom users should say “10-100” instead of “BRB”, “10-12” instead of parents are watching, and “over and out” instead of “TTYL”
  • On message boards, “newbies” should be referred to as “rookie rigs,” lurkers should be referred to as “dead keys,” and users should be able to report a “10-200” if a moderator is needed. Also, moderators should be referred to with bear terminology
  • People who type a lot of words would be referred to as “bucket mouth”

It’s going to catch on, I’m telling you!!!!

(P.S. I played with this card deck as a kid, and this is the first time I’ve ever gotten to put some of that useless trivia to good use.)

February 15, 2011
watson on jeopardy

It’s looking like the computer is going to win the million dollar prize

What’s it even going to spend it on, more RAM???

Give me a break!

February 12, 2011
One of my favorite things about old comic books is how supporting characters’ spin-offs feature their relation to the main character above the title:

archie’s pal

superman’s pal

archie’s girls

superman’s girlfriend

archie’s rival

Even Archie’s arch nemesis got a comic book???

February 10, 2011

12-year old me would probably insist on going on this ride twenty times in a row


February 9, 2011

inside google buzzSo I’ve been giving Google Buzz a whirl for the past two weeks, mostly because the tech blog hivemind regards it as a failure and I wanted to check it out for myself. Here’s my observations:

  • The interface, while consistent with the rest of Google, is just so… ugly and engineer-y.
  • Practically everybody just uses it as a place to import their Google Reader shared items. It’s a more natural fit than Reader itself, which just doesn’t feel conductive to the “social” aspect.
  • I wish it realized that if I’m following someone in Google Buzz, then I don’t want to follow them in Google Reader. Otherwise I’m just getting the same content in two different venues. It only takes a click to “hide” people from showing up in Reader, but still.
  • It’s nice that it’s in Gmail, it gives you something to read after you read your e-mail. I hope they give you the option of having it in Gmail once it gets its own page.
  • It makes a ton of sense that changing something in one Google service will be applied across others, but I don’t like how changing your name in Buzz/Profiles will also change your name in Gmail.
  • People keep talking about THE UPCOMING GOOGLE FACEBOOK-KILLER, but I think Buzz+Profiles+Picasa already makes for a decent-enough social network. There’s a ton of room for improvement, though.
  • MSN/Windows Live and Yahoo! have also tried to retroactively turn their userbases into social networks, but Google’s attempt actually feels like a somewhat natural extension.
  • My biggest gripe is that it notifies you when some post you’ve already read has been commented on by people you don’t know. What do I care? It actively discourages you from following popular people and constantly brings up old stuff to the top of your “stream.” That makes sense for message boards and e-mail conversations, but nobody in the world eagerly awaits blog comments, which are what these are.

Anyway those are my thoughts, I hope you liked them

February 8, 2011

div style=”text-align: center;”>I believe I have found evidence of the first hipster/emo kid in a 1940s Archie comic called Suzie


suzie ferdie archie hipster emo

February 4, 2011
doug dinner for two

ahaha, there is a carton of milk in the wine cooler

so great

February 3, 2011



Here’s a fun quiz – Web 2.0 Site or Don Martin Sound Effect??? I wrote it about two years ago for the now-defunct blog Paper Milhouse, and it would have been lost forever had I not saved a draft in Google Docs. Hopefully it hasn’t aged too badly…

February 2, 2011
I love this gif so much

you can never be sad as long as you can remember this gif

mickey mouse dance
via threatened via 4tones