February 17, 2011
Got your ears on?

Recently I mused that the internet would be a lot funner if we all pretended to be truck drivers communicating on CB radio. Well, I’ve been giving it a lot of thought, and I’ve whipped up a few proposals:

  • Usernames/screennames should be referred to as userhandles
  • Facebook “Like” buttons should say “That’s a big 10-4”
  • Twitter users should say CT (copy that) instead of RT (retweet) (this one courtesy of big time operator Mobute)
  • Location services like Google Maps or Foursquare should ask “What’s your 20?”
  • Instant messengers or chatroom users should say “10-100” instead of “BRB”, “10-12” instead of parents are watching, and “over and out” instead of “TTYL”
  • On message boards, “newbies” should be referred to as “rookie rigs,” lurkers should be referred to as “dead keys,” and users should be able to report a “10-200” if a moderator is needed. Also, moderators should be referred to with bear terminology
  • People who type a lot of words would be referred to as “bucket mouth”

It’s going to catch on, I’m telling you!!!!

(P.S. I played with this card deck as a kid, and this is the first time I’ve ever gotten to put some of that useless trivia to good use.)