March 6, 2011

Some people (mostly this Evan guy – thanks man!) have been sending me more pictures of presidents using computers to add to my collection. Let’s go through them!

  • Bush – A few people pointed me to this LIFE photo that I somehow missed. Thanks y’all, added
  • Reagan – The Gipper looking befuddled at an IBM 701 back in the 50s. As amazing as this photo is, I can’t include it because a.) He’s not really using it b.) It predates his administration by too many years c.) The multiple warnings about unauthorized use give me the heebie-jeebies
  • Carter – JC processing some words. This picture is funny but I wish it was bigger so it could better fit the pattern. And the lack of a Reagan picture means there’d be a gap between presidents. Nuts to that!
  • Ford – Here he is, Skyping with some astronauts like it’s no big deal. Futuristic as hell, but I’m kinda iffy on whether radio-telephone and a television should count as a computer.
  • Nixon – Tricky Dick at a computer center. But he seems way more interested in looking at a piece of paper than the machinery in the foreground. What a loser!
  • JohnsonHere he is with his BFF Robert MacNamera, looking at some electronic equipment. But is he really using it? I think not.