March 7, 2011

kc green homer dance

  • bomer – I guess webcomic genius K.C. Green and some friends were having fun doodling Homer Simpson at some comics convention and now they’ve started a Tumblr for them. This one is my fave so far.
  • – This is a neat super-minimalist drawing tool that lets you make doodles and gives you a short url to share them. Here’s a doodle of Harry Potter I made. There’s no eraser tool which kinda gives me the willies.
  • You are listening to Los Angeles. – Ambient music over LAPD police scanners. Super-cool for background music while you’re internetting it up
  • The Comics Journal – I loved reading through old Comics Journals from the library, which were filled with amazing, illuminating comics critiques. I could never really get into the poorly-designed website though, which felt downright hostile to the ways of the internet. But there’s been an enormous redesign/retooling of the site by the newly deputized editors (formerly of Comics Comics) and the end result looks like super-exciting. This is going to become a daily destination for me, most definitely.
  • Just realized I used “super-” three times in a row. THAT WAS TOTALLY UNINTENTIONAL, I ASSURE YOU.