July 12, 2011

Something I’ve been noticing is just how much Yahoo! gets shafted by Google. Yahoo! had music in their search results for a while, when suddenly Google came out with the same thing and garnered all the attention from the tech blogs. As I’ve mentioned before, Yahoo! had (past tense) a reddit/Digg clone called Yahoo! Buzz, when suddenly Google rolled into town with Google Buzz, taking the “buzz” verb with them. Yahoo! has had Yahoo! Pulse which I guess is like a social layer across the Yahoo! network (comments you make on news articles & blog posts, Yahoo! Answers you answer, Flickr photos you upload, and third-party updates show up in your feed) for a year or two, which nobody noticed or cared about. Now Google introduces Google Plus, which is supposed to become a social layer across the Google network. Pulse, Plus?? I’m convinced they’re doing this stuff just to screw with them.