September 25, 2011
facebook timeline

I’ve been reading a bunch of articles about the new Facebook changes and I still don’t understand any of it. All this vain, self-aggrandizing “timeline” junk. Something about opening up the “like” button to other verbs. Something about reading sites from inside Facebook (???) (I see the days of AOL keywords are back). “Passive sharing” which sounds creepy as hell.

And I noticed the other day that if you click the drop-down arrow on a friend’s post it says (SUBSCRIBED TO [FRIEND]), as if your friends are just disposable magazines or something. It’s such a weird, dehumanizing choice of language. It’s something a weird robot from space would say. “ZERO-POINT-ZERO-ONE DOLLAR MONEYCOIN FOR YOUR BRAIN-FORMATIONS, HUMAN COMRADE”

I thought these guys were supposed to be the only ones who “get” social?