September 22, 2011
It’s been five years since I unleashed my Simpsons fansite,, on the world!!!

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To mark the occasion I gave the site a spiffy redesign. Here’s what’s different:

  • The title is bigger and bolder
  • Social networks and share buttons up the wazoo
  • The episode guide has been split into five parts… this is to prevent the old episode guide from getting too big
  • An improved menu
  • Some minor edits & updates to the reviews, 36 types of episodes, and political labels pages… I might go back and make some major-er edits to those pages in the future

Most of the changes are behind-the-scenes:

  • Everything has transitioned from html to php
  • I rewrote the css from scratch… trying to make everything more consistent, and get out of bad habits
  • Every page has been marked up with metadata combining open graph and, so the sharing experience will be improved

And some upcoming stuff:

  • I’m cooking up some new pages I’m going to be adding in the coming months… stay tuned…
  • I will probably redesign the news section soon to make it more consistent
  • Might do a mobile stylesheet, if I can figure out how to do one. I tested the redesign in my brother-in-law’s iPad and it looks alright though I admit the sidebar links could be touch-friendlier. I don’t have a smartphone so I don’t know what it looks like there

Let me know if anything looks messed up or whatever, ok? Thanks