November 25, 2011

The Archive section has been refurbished. As mentioned previously, every post now has its own page, and now every post is linked. Hooray! Also, now that every post has been migrated from The Blogger Years, I can do categories again.

I started backing up my tweets because I’m concerned that someday the tech bubble will burst and Biz Stone or whoever is just going call it quits and steal the server that has all my tweets on it and drive it down to Mexico or something. This guy (who happens to be the head design guy at Twitter) has a WordPress solution, but since I’m not using WordPress I had to do it myself, the stupid way. Here’s my first year of tweets, back when I decided I was going to use Twitter solely for tech-related posts for some reason. All this just so I can do a command-F search to find the time I tweeted about flexible straws.

AND THEN! About a week or two ago, @bug_deal was super-nice enough to roll out with a tweet archive that’s probably better and it’s all one page instead of split into years (which means easier command-Fing) and it updates regularly I think. So I might get rid of my own archives in favor of that but for now I’ll let them co-exist