November 21, 2011

jigglypuff spinning in an office chairI changed the menu/sidebar around a little bit and also messed around with some of the sections!

  • Comics is spun off from Pictures! I think including it in the menu, rather than burying it in another section, will give new visitors a better idea of what this site is “about.” Even though it’s not really “about” anything. Whatever!
  • Audio/Video is just Video now. It was so insanely tilted towards video that the “audio” part was pretty much superfluous. I don’t make music, I don’t do podcasts, and I don’t curate mixtapes, so there was no real point in having an audio section. Never fear, the MIDI Jamboree is still over here.
  • By the way, the titles of those two sections are using Google Web Fonts, which, uh, might not show up in some places (Internet Explorer, Camino, etc.)… not sure about smartphones.
  • “Elsewhere” has been merged into the About page, which has been rewritten to be friendlier and more informative than its predecessor.
  • The comment/catbox section is gone. It won’t be missed. There’s always Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, and good old-fashioned e-mail if for some bizarre reason you wanna comment.
  • The link to the Donate page is now a different color, because it’s obviously the most important page. Maybe I will change the color every month??? Yes, that sounds like a plan.
  • The links are a little bit bigger and I put in a display: block rule so now they’re just a tiny bit easier to click on from a mobile device. It’s far from perfect but it’s a smidgen of progress.
  • I still need to re-do all the other sections!!! There’s gonna be some changes in the coming days/weeks/months so consider this area a “work in progress.”