February 22, 2012



“I’m gonna make Gumby gumbo outta youse!” – bad guy to Gumby

“Why you heff to be mad, bad guy? Is only Gumby. Is only clay.” -Ilya Bryzgumblov to bad guy (suggested by @andybugay)

“Let’s go sue the creator of Faceblock” – one of the blockheads, to the other blockhead

“Now for the mane attraction!” – Pokey to no one in particular

“Listen to me, Goo. There’s a chance I might not make it out of here alive. But before I go, I just want you to know… I love you. I’ve always loved you. I love your yarn-like hair, your innocent girlish eyes, your blue, shapeless form. To feel your warm embrace, if only for a second, would be transcendent. Goodbye.” – Prickle to Goo (deleted scene)