July 25, 2012

I made some delightful wallpaper for my Emmy-winning Simpsons fansite… no way to know for sure, I believe this may be the third piece of Just Stamp the Ticket Guy fan art in the whole world…

July 23, 2012

Wasn’t The Dark Knight Rises written and pre-produced months before Occupy Wall Street? I’m sure there was influence during the production stages – they contemplated using actual Occupy protestors as extras for the movie’s protest scene(s) in late 2011 – but every review I’ve read seems to treat the movie like it was made as Christopher Nolan’s Direct Response to the Occupy Movement

July 15, 2012
blondie facebook

I mean this without irony… this is the best comic about Facebook I’ve ever seen. Only a strip like Blondie could do such an effective job capturing the dorkiness of middle-aged people using Facebook and chatspeak

July 12, 2012
spooky HALLOWEEN 2012 spooky

Can’t decide between Clippy from Microsoft Office or Pegman from Google Maps Street View

July 11, 2012
Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About The Kardashians
July 5, 2012
see you later

This was an old Tweet but it occurred to me the other day that it would work better as a webpage… sometimes I forget I can do that

July 3, 2012
yahoo! microsoft

Still kinda wonder what it would’ve been like had Microsoft acquired Yahoo!… would Microsoft’s online services division still be in the red? Would Yahoo! still be in disarray? Would Bing exist? Would they figure out how to sort all the many, many redundancies between Yahoo!/MSN?1 Since Microsoft would now own Yahoo! News, would they sell their stake in to NBCUniversal or try to juggle both? These are the kind of questions that keep me up at night.

1 The easiest way, I think, would be to make Yahoo! the brand for content (News, Sports, Finance, etc.) and MSN the brand for services (Skydrive, Maps, Calendar, etc.) instead of that stupid “Windows Live” stuff.

July 3, 2012

CNET, January 2010:

One imagines that Google might choose to launch a Nexus Two, then even a Nexus Three. What if the company goes so far as to launch a sixth in the Nexus series? Would [Philip K.] Dick’s family then merit a call from Google? Or would they call it Nexus Seven and claim that six was the company’s unlucky number?


July 3, 2012
igoogle being retired

I liked iGoogle… it was neat getting all my Google services (Gmail, Reader, Calendar, Bookmarks, News, Chat) in one place… if there had been a good Twitter widget I could’ve just left iGoogle in a tab all day and it would’ve been awesome. Farewell old friend… sixteen months from now…

July 2, 2012
  • John’s HTML image tools – A collection of 1990s animated gifs that are still, amazingly, hosted on a .gov domain operated by the USDA.
  • Our Findings – This is a novel Simpsons Tumblr. It doesn’t post gags or gifs of gags or funny moments… it’s the moments immediately before or after a gag, it’s shots of things that aren’t funny on their own, TV static, scene transitions, and closeups of normal objects. There are rarely people. There seems to be a particular focus on doors and mechanical things. I’m not sure whether to be pleased or ashamed when I know what episode a screencap is from.
  • A Good Cartoon – I used to keep up with conservative political cartoons pretty regularly a few years and then I got sick of them (accelerated by this one) but this Tumblr keeps me abreast of things and does it in a funny way. A Good Tumblr
  • Wonkette – Famous 13-Year-Old Conservative Hero Now 17, Not Conservative – Everyone’s politics changes but to see it from a real-life Ferguson Darling who was hyped as The Next Great Conservative Pundit and wrote a whole book about conservatism at age 14 (blurbed by Newt Gingrich!) is pretty funny. I remember watching a video of him giving a talk at CPAC and I tried to make a comic about him with Anthropomorphic Republican Talking Duck Jr. but couldn’t make it work (definitely for the better)
  • Ant Comic – A cool-ass comic about ants by Michael DeForge
  • UPDATE (July 3, 2012): Forgot to mention this!!! B to the F: The Novelization of Back To The Future – Ryan North is reading the terrible novelization of Back To The Future and making a post for each page, and it’s hilarious
July 2, 2012

Annotations to League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Volume III Chapter Three, a.k.a. Century: 2009 by Jess Nevins:

Page 32. Panel 1. “Who dat Ninja 3? Trace- Jorda-” is a reference to Tracey Jordan, from the American tv show 30 Rock.

Alan Moore watches 30 Rock, apparently.