July 2, 2012
  • John’s HTML image tools – A collection of 1990s animated gifs that are still, amazingly, hosted on a .gov domain operated by the USDA.
  • Our Findings – This is a novel Simpsons Tumblr. It doesn’t post gags or gifs of gags or funny moments… it’s the moments immediately before or after a gag, it’s shots of things that aren’t funny on their own, TV static, scene transitions, and closeups of normal objects. There are rarely people. There seems to be a particular focus on doors and mechanical things. I’m not sure whether to be pleased or ashamed when I know what episode a screencap is from.
  • A Good Cartoon – I used to keep up with conservative political cartoons pretty regularly a few years and then I got sick of them (accelerated by this one) but this Tumblr keeps me abreast of things and does it in a funny way. A Good Tumblr
  • Wonkette – Famous 13-Year-Old Conservative Hero Now 17, Not Conservative – Everyone’s politics changes but to see it from a real-life Ferguson Darling who was hyped as The Next Great Conservative Pundit and wrote a whole book about conservatism at age 14 (blurbed by Newt Gingrich!) is pretty funny. I remember watching a video of him giving a talk at CPAC and I tried to make a comic about him with Anthropomorphic Republican Talking Duck Jr. but couldn’t make it work (definitely for the better)
  • Ant Comic – A cool-ass comic about ants by Michael DeForge
  • UPDATE (July 3, 2012): Forgot to mention this!!! B to the F: The Novelization of Back To The Future – Ryan North is reading the terrible novelization of Back To The Future and making a post for each page, and it’s hilarious