October 16, 2012
Debate thoughts
  • There’s been three debates, for a total 4.5 hours, and there’s been zero questions about gay rights, and it appears there won’t be one since the final debate is supposed to be focused on foreign policy. Everything has just been about tax policy and the economy, and the moderators just keep asking the same questions phrased in slightly different ways and the candidates keep giving the same answers and it’s driving me crazy. I’m glad immigration and equal pay got brought up (and there was just a tiny bit of discussion about the environment in the energy questions), but it’s not enough. I wish this debate had just been about issues that aren’t about taxes (since they talked about it for an hour in the previous debate) or foreign policy.
  • Biden was all over Romney’s “47%” remarks, but Obama never even mentioned it until Romney alluded to it with his claim that he cares about “the 100%” (which has been his standard response/quasi-apology to the fallout). I would have brought it up during one of the ten tax policy questions and tied it to the campaign’s message about how Romney favors the top 2%. But what do I know, I’m just a simple country bumpkin
  • Other than forced memes like Big Bird and binders (I forgot Romney had even said those things until I got on Twitter afterwards), there’ve been no really funny moments in the two presidential debates. There’s no John McCain literally refusing to look at Obama, no John McCain making funny faces, no John McCain being blindsided. Herman Cain and Rick Perry were funny and all but I think 2008 still holds the crown in “funniest election.”