November 27, 2012
paranorman ad

I loved ParaNorman and I hope it wins all the awards, even the ones it’s not nominated for, but this seems like a weird thing to advertise. “Oh you liked Frankenweenie? Pfft, don’t you know they only had 1 million facial expressions??” If it was a 2D film, would they be boasting about having infinite facial expressions??

November 20, 2012

“Your pathetic Earthling concept of ‘gender’ both confuses and arouses us.”

November 17, 2012

goblet grottoGoblet Grotto is a great little game and I am ordering you to play it!!! Describing it as an RPG parody with elements of text adventures doesn’t do it justice. I don’t think I’ve seen such a vivid depiction of our cold, uncaring universe, alienation, man’s savage nature and the horror of existence embodied in a game before. I still have a lot to explore if the amount of supplemental paragraphs is anything to go by. I have seen pictures of a cloud world and heard rumblings of a salt world but I don’t know how to get to those places yet

The game is a collaboration by thecatamites and J Chastain. I don’t know too much about thecatamites but J Chastain is a creative genius who has long been one of my favorite “internet people.” He does (did?) the fantastic webcomic Monster Killers and occasionally writes video game criticism… most of his oeuvre involves video games in some fashion. I think Goblet Grotto is a magnum opus

November 12, 2012

im gonna wreck itWell, my YouTube account got terminated early this morning, which is a real bummer! I had it since 2005, before Google acquired it, and posted more than a few videos there, plus a bunch of meticulously-curated playlists. The problem was this video I uploaded called “Wreck-It Ralph FULL MOVIE Part 1 of 1,203,” which of course contained no actual footage from the movie Wreck-It Ralph; it was just the first 17 seconds of the Disney logo, which is featured in hundreds of other YouTube videos, but I digress. It was making light of YouTube piracy and maybe making a comment about the way we consume media now, plus I thought the idea of someone watching a movie in ten-second snippets was really funny (well, a lot less so in retrospect).

I got this e-mail at 1 in the morning saying because of that video my account was suspended and I had a “strike” that would last for six months, and I thought “well, that’s not too bad” but then I’m poking around the YouTube site where it said my account was actually terminated – they never sent me an e-mail notifying me of that. Eventually I find a thing where I can “appeal” (I think that’s what it was, there’s like four different forms you can fill out) and after I do that I get an automatic message confirming yes, my account was terminated. From what I’ve Googled, it sounds like maybe there’s a small chance it can be reinstated… I’m pessimistic about that but I’m in “wait and see” mode for the moment. I guess the moral is don’t mess with Wreck-It Ralph, because he will wreck things up and make a mess of your pots and pans

November 7, 2012
anthropomorphic republican talking duck
New Anthropomorphic Republican Talking Duck
November 7, 2012
Great Moments in Wikipedia

Week before was officially confirmed, from the Facebook official page of the show, the Season 2. His official debupt was September 24, 2012 but for Line-up issues, was delayed making once again that its launch date is unknown. Itself page, confirm also that when the date will be officially ready, the news will post them, and then with TV promo[1].

from The Problem Solverz

November 3, 2012

maniac mansion character select


Disney Imagineers are working around the clock adding characters and elements from the 1987 Lucasfilm game Maniac Mansion to the venerable Haunted Mansion attraction

“We’ve got these audio-animatronic tentacles that are so incredibly lifelike,” says chief imagineer Tony Baxter. “We just can’t wait to introduce them to our guests”

November 2, 2012
the phantom by paul ryan

Oh, no… if Romney wins, will Paul Ryan be forced to give up his cartooning gig?