November 17, 2012

goblet grottoGoblet Grotto is a great little game and I am ordering you to play it!!! Describing it as an RPG parody with elements of text adventures doesn’t do it justice. I don’t think I’ve seen such a vivid depiction of our cold, uncaring universe, alienation, man’s savage nature and the horror of existence embodied in a game before. I still have a lot to explore if the amount of supplemental paragraphs is anything to go by. I have seen pictures of a cloud world and heard rumblings of a salt world but I don’t know how to get to those places yet

The game is a collaboration by thecatamites and J Chastain. I don’t know too much about thecatamites but J Chastain is a creative genius who has long been one of my favorite “internet people.” He does (did?) the fantastic webcomic Monster Killers and occasionally writes video game criticism… most of his oeuvre involves video games in some fashion. I think Goblet Grotto is a magnum opus