December 26, 2012

(lightly edited for clarity)

  • Ben Wyatt from Parks & Recreation chases after a dog who has stolen a bag of styrofoam containers and taken them into a Cambodian restaurant. It turns out to be this huge scam where the owner just steals food from other restaurants and serves them to his customers. One of the containers is opened. It’s a gift, for me??? It’s a stuffed worm.
  • We’re cops in this crazy cartoon town. I think we are dogs?
  • Sleep. We’re like Fisher Price people now. When you’re asleep an overlay over your body indicates to the cook (who I guess watches you sleep???) how many waffles you want for breakfast.
  • laughing at the concept of carls jr having an officially licensed James Bond tie-in soda.
  • Nightmare where all my fingers started coming part
  • Surprise immigration raid at Knott’s Berry Farm. Everyone – everyone – had to go to a hotel in Mexico for a night.
  • Batman refuses to use his left hand,