February 24, 2013
michael deforge ant comic

I’ve mentioned Michael DeForge’s fantastic Ant Comic before. Well, it concluded today and you can read the whole thing in one go (warning: takes a while to load). There’s a book coming out too if you’re not into this whole “internet” thing. Go check it out, it’s probably the best ant-related comic you’ll ever read.

February 19, 2013

Here is a great blog post explaining the Postal Service “crisis,” a subject that is near and dear to my heart.

The Postal Service is a public service for We, the People, not a business. The Service is hamstrung by people who pretend it is supposed to compete and then won’t let it. They won’t help with taxpayer dollars and say it has to compete in the marketplace (again: the Department of Defense is not required to break even.) Then they give it rules that no private company could survive. Then when it gets into trouble, say that government doesn’t work, start laying people off, selling off the public assets, and saying it has to be “privatized” (so all the gains will go to a few already-wealthy people instead of to the public).

February 15, 2013


  • I’ve been lucky enough to be writing the “Awful Link of the Day” feature for Something Awful for the past couple of weeks. Here’s the first four that I’ve done.
  • If you’re a normal person, maybe you didn’t hear about CNET being barred from reviewing products that compete with their corporate owner, CBS. Now that I’ve successfully explained the joke, please read Tech News Rumor Insider’s review of the BlackBerry Z10.
  • My Twitter friend Virgil Texas wrote a really good piece for Slacktory about pick-up artists and Horse_ebooks that I heartily recommend.
  • Earlier today I wished Simpsons creator Seth MacFarlane a happy birthday, which raised the ire of a conspiracy theorist who stubbornly insisted Matt Groening is the real creator. The nerve of some people.

February 10, 2013

Finally got around to watching Disney’s Oscar-nominated short Paperman (embedded above)

I was definitely rooting against the protagonist… “HEY MAN, DO YOUR WORK”

February 8, 2013
Welcome to my own private hell