February 15, 2013


  • I’ve been lucky enough to be writing the “Awful Link of the Day” feature for Something Awful for the past couple of weeks. Here’s the first four that I’ve done.
  • If you’re a normal person, maybe you didn’t hear about CNET being barred from reviewing products that compete with their corporate owner, CBS. Now that I’ve successfully explained the joke, please read Tech News Rumor Insider’s review of the BlackBerry Z10.
  • My Twitter friend Virgil Texas wrote a really good piece for Slacktory about pick-up artists and Horse_ebooks that I heartily recommend.
  • Earlier today I wished Simpsons creator Seth MacFarlane a happy birthday, which raised the ire of a conspiracy theorist who stubbornly insisted Matt Groening is the real creator. The nerve of some people.