May 30, 2013

Back in February, I discovered the “FunkyWatch” feature at ComicsAlliance, which is essentially just a guy describing depressing installments Funky Winkerbean. It’s one of the funniest things on the internet:


I will admit, I laugh out loud every time I read this one. It’s just so far over the top: Funky’s life sucks so bad that he has fewer options than a man with Alzheimer’s who was just brought to an assisted living facility. He is actually jealous of a man who can slip away quietly on the slow road to death, forgetting all his troubles as others take care of him. That would be a positive step for him.

I was a little dismayed last month when Aol quietly killed off ComicsAlliance (presumably because it wasn’t called HuffPo Comics). But don’t despair! I looked at the site just now and apparently for the past week they’ve been posting cryptic comic panels hinting at some sort of resurrection (I forgot comic book deaths are never permanent). So, here’s hoping for more FunkyWatch. And other stuff, too.