November 29, 2013

In fifth grade the classroom got a new computer and one day we stared transfixed at this screensaver and this girl Debbie said “It’s speaking computer language”

November 25, 2013

I provided some technical assistance to AnimeJihad by going through every post, fixing broken video links, cleaning up HTML from posts imported from Blogger, making the tags consistent, etc. You can easily find posts (and avoid Tumblr’s awful archive feature) by looking through the new massive tag list on the right; every anime series ever mentioned on the blog, from Attack on Titan to Yume Jerry Gergich, is accounted for.

I’ve since come to loathe tinkering with Tumblr. The post editor weirdly ignores most HTML so you have to do stuff through CSS classes, there’s some cheap workarounds for some tags, and functionality is limited if you’re trying to do anything other than post a picture. Tumblr is fun, and it’s a fine place set up your “web presence,” but if you can afford the time and money I really recommend getting your own website where you can do *~anything~*.

November 24, 2013

Goofy has a son in college1, while Minnie Mouse is supposedly a high school senior.2

1 An Extremely Goofy Movie (2000)
2 Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse Vol. 1: Race to Death Valley by Floyd Gottfredson (2011, strip circa 1930)

November 22, 2013
miss caroline

A forgotten victim of the Kennedy assassination: Miss Caroline, an unauthorized comic about Caroline Kennedy. There was a paperback book of corny one-panel comics about the president’s daughter and it proved to be fairly popular. According to this Amazon page, it was scheduled to launch as a daily comic strip in… November 1963.

November 18, 2013

“HAY MAYBE AMAZON SHOULD BUY THE POST OFFICE,” ponders newspaper owned by Jeff Bezos

November 12, 2013

I think it’s a shame that the controversy over Richard Cohen’s weird, racist editorial has overshadowed this gem:

I took the Internet Express out to Iowa, surveying its various newspapers, blogs and such

Fire up the computing machine, we’re taking the CyberJalopy down to the WebSaloon

November 12, 2013

Mallard Fillmore Watch

Oh good, Mallard Fillmore actually remembered Veteran’s Day this year:

Mallard Fillmore 11/11/2013

Please keep in mind that within the strip Bruce Tinsley is a separate, distinct entity from Mallard Fillmore, so try not to think about the gross implications of Mallard Fillmore having a human father.

November 8, 2013

Hahahaha this interview with R.L. Stine about Eureeka’s Castle is tops

  • He resents Barney
  • He could’ve gotten a platinum Kids Choice Award had it not been for Harry Potter
November 6, 2013

Awful Link of the Day: Kin Food

These three fur-brained foodies tackle requests from a wide variety of otherkin. Take a look at their long list of kintypes to have your horizons broadened. Dogkin? Here’s a recipe for dog biscuits intended for actual dogs. Dragonkin? Continue eating pizza. Merkin (excuse me, merfolk)? Seafood, obviously. Robotkin? Try an oil smoothie. Amoebakin? Uh… how about some gelatin? There’s something for everyone here, except for this djinni guy they never got back to.

November 4, 2013
happy taco

I was doing a crossword puzzle the other day. One of the clues was “Mexican sandwich.” It was a four letter word, and I’d already gotten the last two letters: _ _ C O.

Really, Penny Press? You think a taco is a sandwich? Well I have news. Tacos (also known in some circles as Mexican tilties) are not sandwiches. A taco is its own distinct category of foodstuff. To think otherwise is insanity.

If a taco is a sandwich, then surely a hot dog is a sandwich as well. Under this twisted logic, a burrito would also count as a sandwich. At that point, why not just call everything a sandwich? How far does the rabbit hole go?

It is important to set boundaries, otherwise the word sandwich loses all meaning. A taco is a taco. A is A. End of story.