November 25, 2013

I provided some technical assistance to AnimeJihad by going through every post, fixing broken video links, cleaning up HTML from posts imported from Blogger, making the tags consistent, etc. You can easily find posts (and avoid Tumblr’s awful archive feature) by looking through the new massive tag list on the right; every anime series ever mentioned on the blog, from Attack on Titan to Yume Jerry Gergich, is accounted for.

I’ve since come to loathe tinkering with Tumblr. The post editor weirdly ignores most HTML so you have to do stuff through CSS classes, there’s some cheap workarounds for some tags, and functionality is limited if you’re trying to do anything other than post a picture. Tumblr is fun, and it’s a fine place set up your “web presence,” but if you can afford the time and money I really recommend getting your own website where you can do *~anything~*.