March 28, 2014

Phone Scoop:

Zoes are HTC’s combined still image/video file mashup. It is a cinch to interact with them on HTC hardware, but HTC wants to make them more social. It has an app in the wings – not available just yet – that will let multiple people contribute to Zoes. Say, for example, three people are using HTC devices and capture Zoes of kids playing in a backyard party. Using the Zoes app, all three people will be able to upload their Zoes of that moment to HTC’s servers where they can be combined into one larger Zoe highlight video. HTC sees this as the next step for Zoes. It had hoped to roll the feature out as a beta with the launch of the device, but has since delayed the launch until later this year. We’ll have more to say once it is available. Sharing Zoes is painful, which is in stark contrast with how easy it is to share regular photos.

Move over cinemagraphs, there’s a new fake gif format in town cowboy

March 22, 2014
woozy winks

Plastic Man’s sidekick Woozy Winks sure got into some hi-jinx

Naturally, I assume his “New 52” incarnation would be an alcoholic child murderer, or something

March 20, 2014
android wear watch


March 15, 2014
jack in the box bunch

There are few things in this world I love more than cheesy fast food mascots: the McDonaldland friends, the Burger King Kids Club, Taco Bell’s Nacho & Dog, the mysterious 1990s Wienerschnitzel characters, etc.

Well, recently I learned Jack in the Box had not one but two universes prior to the modern-day Jack Box continuity: the Jack in the Box Bunch from the 1970s featuring such memorable characters like “Secret Sauce Agent” and “Onion Ring Thing”, and the “Jack Pack” crew from the early 1990s featuring “Jumbo Jack” (a really buff hamburger) and “Ollie O. Ring” (possibly a relative of Onion Ring Thing???).

You can bet I’ll be investigating further… detective

March 14, 2014
Happy Star War Day everybody (“March the fourteenth be with you…”)
March 12, 2014
gularjinoish-yell.gifmc hammer
March 9, 2014

Welcome to the Garage: Microsoft’s after-hours idea factory

Near the also-crowded kegerator, designed into the center of the room by the architect, is Ken Nichols, a bearded man in a bowler hat wearing steampunk goggles around his neck. He’s showing off the Magic the Gathering coasters he etched in The Garage’s maker space. In the opposite corner is Melissa Quintanilha, a user experience designer and DJ with fuchsia-streaked hair, spinning the hits. Sam Trim, also a DJ and electronic music enthusiast, nods his head and taps his foot.

Sounds like my idea of Hell

March 6, 2014

I started watching House of Cards the other week and I was super-lost until I realized I was watching Episode 2 instead of Episode 1 doh