June 28, 2014


He waved toward the cameras and the pool. It was then that he spotted the adorable baby nestled in the arms of ABC’s Ann Compton. It was time for an executive decision to change course, so he veered sharply to his right and made a beeline for the baby and her grandmother. The baby was Olivia Hughes, age six months … When the president arrived at the rope line, he commanded, “Give me that baby.”

Obama’s executive actions are getting out of control!!! crazy

June 25, 2014

Awful Link of the Day: The Fountain Pen Network

Finding fellow pen enthusiasts in everyday offline life can be difficult. For some reason, normal people just can’t appreciate the fine handiwork of a vintage leather imported stainless steel Visconti Rotring M1750 pen with customized golden nibs and Zytel-cotated shatter resistance.

June 24, 2014


Look, Jake, I know for that for some weird reason you’re a bit squeamish about facilitating the assassination of a US president

But trust me, an old man with Alzheimer’s: acquiescing to a terrorist’s demands and getting killed by a drone in the middle of a stadium is the only logical thing to do

ok fine ill help u ~_~

Where am I? Why am I here?? Oh right, the drone thing. Gonna make Lincoln look like a scrub 8-]


i pushed heller out of the way during the 5 seconds we were offscreen

Great work Jack. Now let’s hope the terrorists fell for my sophisticated cyber ruse



June 20, 2014

(Two Aaron Sorkin characters are walking down a hallway)

– Yo?
– Yo.
– (incredulous) Yo.
– (nodding) Yo.
– The hell’s a yo?
– A yo’s a yo.
– “A yo.”
– You know?
– Yo-yos?
– No no.
– Just yos?
– There’s yos, and then there’s yos.
– (understanding) Yos.

(A third character enters the scene)

– Yo!
– Yo.
– Yo.

June 20, 2014
happy birthday is eleven years old today! That’s as old as Doug Funnie, before he turned twelve and started wearing long sleeves. “Muchos thankos” to everyone who donated!!!!

June 12, 2014

I thought I’d check in on Titan Shelters, a company that made modern fallout shelters for the paranoid survivalist set. They produced a great, surreal commercial featuring a mom talking about how she needs to protect her kids from terrorism.

Turns out it was a big scam and they never actually made the shelters, so they’ve apparently rebranded as Titan Storm Shelters. Also they removed the commercial from YouTube, which is a real crime.

June 5, 2014
ben wyatt batman parks & recreationarkham origins credits

Did you know Ben Wyatt worked on the latest Batman game???