September 27, 2014
college professor-type

New Anthropomorphic Republican Talking Duck… it’s been a while since that guy showed his face around here, I know

September 11, 2014

Seth Rogen condemns football player elevator footage

But what does the guy from The Big Bang Theory think about the ISIS beheadings??

September 10, 2014

Awful Link of the Day:

Redpilled My Little Pony Headcanons combines all the worst things about the modern Internet: Tumblr, fandoms, bronies (creepy dudes obsessed with a cartoon for preschool girls), redpillers (creepy dudes who think they are cool guys similar to Neo from The Matrix because they can see through the facade of feminism and political correctness), heavy-handed trolling, and headcanons (fanfiction without the effort of writing fanfiction).

September 7, 2014
application support

When you try but don’t succeed

September 4, 2014

tickety tocSometimes when I’m taking care of my nephew I am forced to watch this show about kids who live in a cuckoo clock. Their lives are a perpetual countdown. They can’t enjoy their leisure time because they have to be back to chime every hour on the hour. If they don’t, the people in the clock shop will get suspicious. Except there’s never anybody in the clock shop so everything they do is ultimately meaningless. It’s oddly bleak.