March 28, 2015

I picked up this oral history about Nickelodeon for pretty cheap and it’s a good read… except for the inexplicably boneheaded decision to omit people’s job titles, so you have to constantly flip to the back of the book to read the bio for every other person, just to find out they were some stage manager for Welcome Freshman or something.

Here’s something I thought was funny:

KEN SCARBOROUGH: The one question I get asked is, “Did you ever put something dirty in there?” Why would I do that? What is the upside of hiding dirty things for children to find in there? In the first place, it’s just a gross and weird thing for anybody to do.

(about a hundred pages later:)

WILL MCROBB: That’s what Nick wanted, but there was a line. “John, you can’t do a blowjob joke on Ren & Stimpy.” “But no kid’s gonna get it; it’ll go right over their heads!” Every time I’d make a counterargument, his response was, “It’s not like I’m showing them fucking!”