April 30, 2015

neon internet explorer logoYou know about OS-tans, right? They started as fanart of operating systems personified as anime babes. Over time the concept grew beyond operating systems and companies started making their own. Microsoft has a few “official” -tans marketed in Japan and other Asian countries, but I’m pretty sure “Internet Explorer-tan” is the first one that’s also marketed to Western audiences. I’ve been following her Tumblr blog for a while now and I’ve been fascinated by how much thought has been put into the Microsoft Anime Girl Canon.

Anyway, now that Internet Explorer is being phased out in favor of Microsoft Edge, I naturally assumed the Internet Explorer-tan character would commit seppuku the day Windows 10 ships, and a new browser-tan would take her place. Instead, they’re simply renaming her. You can’t do that! That’s like a total violation of OS-tan rules! It doesn’t communicate the idea that Edge is an entirely new browser! It peeves me off real bad

April 20, 2015

Adium Blog:

We do not know yet how long you’ll still be able to use Google Talk. Google has been making it clear they want to move forward with Hangouts, which we have no plans to support. For now, you’ll still be able to sign in to Google Talk and talk to people using Hangouts, but we have no information about how long this will be possible.

Speaking of deprecated services, we believe MSN is now totally dead. We expect this to be permanent, we currently have no plans to support Skype.

Facebook Chat will also stop working on April 30. We have no plans to continue support.

Looks like the era of interoperable messaging services is over… negative man

April 17, 2015

Here’s some links to recent stuff I’ve written elsewhere, which I’m posting to alleviate my guilt for not updating in a while:

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