June 28, 2015

Mallard Fillmore Watch

Mallard Fillmore 06/28/2015

Death is inevitable but we still need to take bold, decisive action with regards to climate change and environmental destruction instead of just talking about it so our descendants (birds) can have a better world

June 24, 2015

Are you excited for the Adventure Time movie??

wtf is an adventure time

Oh that’s right I forgot, Adventure Time doesn’t exist in this universe

CalArts was nuked along with the rest of Valencia in season 6, thereby depriving us of a generation of animators -_-

this is why i fight terrorism, chloe

to avenge the cartoons my granddaughter was cruelly deprived of patriotic


June 20, 2015

Happy 12th anniversary to toot

As mentioned before, I upgraded my hosting plan with lots more space so I added everything here back to my “hosted” section, which I had previously taken down to free up space. Apparently MIDIs are no longer supported in Chrome so The Jonathan Taylor Thomas Chamber certainly loses a lot of “oomph,” another victim of modern web gentrification. I don’t think I want to know what percentage of my website no longer works.

June 17, 2015
peanuts movie

Once again Blue Sky shows a shocking disregard for Peanuts canon… Linus & Lucy are supposed to be in different grades and Franklin & Peppermint Patty go to a different school… sorry, but I’ll pass.

June 3, 2015