January 31, 2016

Chris BrayesHello! Life has been busy and sorta chaotic lately so naturally Fate decided this would be a great time for my website to break down. The blogging software I was using to make posts, Movable Type, stopped working last month, and my attempt to update to the last free version failed and ended up breaking stuff even more. So, in what is becoming a tradition for this website every five years or so, I’ve been forced to change blogging software once again, this time to WordPress. Also, the backup of my posts I saved is in some weird format that apparently can’t be used by anything other than Movable Type, so I’ve had to manually add a number of posts. Once that’s done, I’ll turn my attention back to my long-neglected Simpsons news blog.

Anyway, here is a new Anthropomorphic Republican Talking Duck comic that I wanted to get out before the Iowa caucuses. Enjoy!