January 31, 2019

🡆 Posts Flagged by Tumblr

I put together a page for the relatively few posts on my Tumblr that were flagged by their adult content algorithm. Sorry deviants but it looks like you’ll have to go elsewhere for your Steve Wozniak gifs.

The ban on adult content is disappointing and I’m sad to see some of the artists I was following leave because of it. I’m gonna keep using it though because I still find it useful as a “look at this thing I found” engine.

Tumblr was (is?) a great way to keep up with comics and illustrators and its customizable design is incredibly flexible. I don’t fully understand why artists seem to have migrated to Instagram which has similarly draconian policies and none of the flexibility. That’s just where the people are, I guess.

Edit (one hour later): I just logged in and they changed the color scheme from “pleasant” to “active assault on my eyeballs”… maybe I should rethink this “gonna keep using it” thing