March 25, 2019

When your crossword constructor is Too Online

March 18, 2019

+1I liked Google+. It had a ton of problems like its initial crusade against pseudonyms, it never lived up to its early promise of “a better Facebook,” and Google Reader was axed in favor of it which destroyed blogs. However, I found a semi-active community that posted interesting links, and so it was neat to check in on and share something every once in a while. In this era of megaplatforms that are just overwhelming you with content, I think there is room for “mini social networks.”

March 10, 2019


honeycomb creature

Monty Python’s Flying Circus – Only a few episodes in. So far there’s a number of sketches where the premise is “what if working class slobs had a liberal arts education” which seems like the 1960s version of “Let’s intellectualize rap music!” message board threads

Downsizing – It’s fine. About a year ago I saw someone livetweeting it saying it was great and then followed up half an hour later about how it took a total nosedive. So I was waiting for some big awful twist that never really came

A Star is Born (1954) – I got a digital version of this as an apology gift for being a former Filmstruck subscriber (joke’s on them, I was only a participant in the free beta test!) which includes long-lost audio footage awkwardly inserted, which makes a long and tedious film slightly longer. It’s time to hashtag-cancel Judy Garland for her cultural appropriation song.

Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend – Conan O’Brien is such an incredibly funny guy in this podcast. I just wish a third of it wasn’t ads (they’re funny, but, y’know). The relatively few other podcasts I listen to are Patreon-supported so I’m not really sure: do all “mainstream” podcasts have this many ads?

Conan – I watched the first episode of the “revamped” half-hour show and the funny Conan from the podcast is nowhere to be found. It’s funny when talk shows make a big deal about GETTING RID OF THE DESK like it will solve all their problems.

OK KO! Let’s Be Heroes – This show is incredible. It “premiered” as a mildly entertaining phone game like a year before the show did and I kinda forgot there even was a show until the What A Cartoon podcast mentioned it was on Hulu now. I see Geneva Hodgson in the credits as a storyboarder/writer a lot; I’m so glad that the members of Cartoon Book Club are all extremely powerful now.

Sorry To Bother You – It’s very fun and entertaining but also a big mess. It’s like the writer got bored and started making a new movie with a new magical conceit every 20 minutes. For some reason it really annoyed me that there’s a character whose name is bleeped out just because it’s ~wEiRd~ or whatever.

Batman The Animated Series – 3 of the past 4 episodes I’ve seen feature people being transformed into genetic abominations (cat people, werewolf, Man-Bat). Just what was going on over at the studio‚Ķ?

Snickers With Creamy Peanut Butter – I think they’re playing fast and loose with the abstract concept of a Snickers bar. Just how much can you alter a Snickers bar before it ceases to be a Snickers bar?