November 14, 2019


  • It has a nice understated layout that is far superior to Netflix because it doesn’t autoplay a trailer every time you try to navigate a menu.
  • Don’t care about the Han and Greedo scene. What’s more egregrious to me is the scene that occurs shortly after where Han has essentially the same conversation with Jabba and steps on his tail in a rather Poochie-like manner.
  • The Mandolorian was good. The whole thing about how Mandalorians are based around Boba Fett’s design but the Fetts weren’t actually Mandalorian reminds of how Donkey Kong isn’t actually the Donkey Kong from Donkey Kong, it’s his grandson or whatever. Just needlessly weird lore.
  • Most of the complaints I’ve seen are about The Simpsons being presented in the wrong aspect ratio which could’ve been easily prevented had the people in charge remembered the same thing happening five years ago when FXX launched Simpsons World. Nobody learns anything!