August 28, 2021


nobby's nuts


  • This Australian coin commemorating… Nobby’s Nuts? (↬ @punchhappiness)
  • I like this Oscars clip of the first time Best Animated Feature Film was a category… the concept of the animators having to make both winning/losing animations of their characters (will we ever see the animation of Jimmy Neutron winning?), Billy Crystal’s joke about a certain pair of producer brothers that’s only gotten better with age, Mike and Scully’s grimaces, the woman sitting next to Donkey just ecstatic over Shrek winning…
  • Some snobbish Hanna-Barbera expert declaring he shan’t be watching the cartoon Jellystone, not that he could anyway because he doesn’t even own a television (??? Then how is he watching all those classic cartoons???)
  • Simpsons conspiracy theories have been so prevalent that Reuters did a fact check of a TikTok video. Most of them I find funny but it always annoys me when I see “SIMPSONS PREDICTED EBOLA” in these things
  • Television Comics, the comic book about watching television


August 16, 2021

During the pandemic I’ve been making All Your Base memes on Twitter, which I’ve collected here.