March 25, 2022

I’ve got the Oscar fever… hope you’ve got it too. This is the first year I’ve managed to watch all the Best Picture nominees. Drive My Car is my personal favorite, I found it moving (no pun intended) and beautifully shot. Really enjoyed Licorice Pizza as well. Did not care for Don’t Look Up or The Power of the Dog.

Official Oscar predictions:

  • Belfast will win Best Picture because voting for a movie about foreign white people in trouble could be seen as support for Ukraine.
  • Judi Dench’s character watching Chitty Chitty Bang Bang will be in a montage about the magic of the cinema.

  • March 21, 2022

    RIP Tom Moody. He was a net art guy who was a big presence on the chatroom. I followed his blog for years and I’ll miss his posts regularly showing up in my feed. He was curmudgeonly a lot of the time – there used to be a tumblr blog making fun of him – but he had a discerning critical eye, possibly the only good writing on gifs and internet art, and an uncompromising distrust of big tech.

    Some posts I’d bookmarked over the years:

  • Highbrow Kitsch
  • turing complete user – notes for a guide
  • viewers must be informed
  • interview re: GIFs and internet art (as of 2021)