April 27, 2022

I’m still posting on forums I joined 20 years ago, I’m not going to leave Twitter just because there’s a different rich crypto dipshit running things. I think I am cautiously optimistic. He’s full of shit when he talks about free speech but maybe some friends can get unbanned. Taking the company private could helpfully alleviate the need to constantly duplicate features from rivals. Remember Fleets?? Remember how there’s still an annoying icon for “Spaces” because Silicon Valley was obsessed with something called Clubhouse that I never hear about anymore? I guess my biggest worry is he’ll lean into his epic based memelord persona and occasionally force some annoying gimmick on everyone like… I don’t know… “Chaos Mode” where all the buttons are moving around. What goes on in the mind of someone who spends $40 billion to be a forum admin?

I did get a Mastodon account about a year ago that I’ve been using a bit more lately: socel.net/@robbercat. The instance is run by the webmaster of an animation blog I read, which was the only place I’d ever hear about Mastodon. It’s nice but the concept of explaining “instances” to a normal person makes my eyes roll back in my head.