May 21, 2022

Rotating Google +1 buttonI trust you are following the vast network of social media offshoots? Here’s some updates and thoughts on those platforms:

Twitter – I’ve started constructing a timeline of sorts, partially inspired by Bully’s Today in Comics History. I like the idea that everything is happening simultaneously, it’s fun to know that theoretically Homer encounters the Mr. Burns alien two days after Whacking Day. One nitpicky observation: Bart’s canonical birthday (yes the Futurama crossover is canon, Bender’s still in the basement in later episodes) creates some glaring inconsistencies. blunder

Pinterest – This site seems to be getting worse and worse over time. I guess there’s no way to just view stuff from the people you’re following anymore, and they removed dates and other info from pins. I think it’s still handy, but eventually I’d like to figure out some sort of solution.

Facebook – I’m bad at maintaining a consistent schedule, but I’ve been adding stuff from pinterest, plus every other week features “Meme Monday.” This site is also getting more frustrating to use over time (I know, I know…). They’ll just randomly drop features and I can never figure out if they were actually dropped or moved somewhere else because all the help pages are out of date.