January 3, 2023


(Green for first-time watches, red for re-watches)

The Wonderful Autumn of Mickey Mouse – I enjoy the modern Paul Rudish Mickey stuff, but this is the weakest of the four season-based specials they’ve done.

Rugrats: “Channukah” – I respect how very Jewish this is, makes the controversy over Grandpa Boris look silly.

Mickey Saves Christmas – A bit more younger-skewing than I was expecting but that’s on me. Minnie and Daisy are voiced by Kathryn Roebuck (the official replacement for the late Russi Taylor) and Debra Wilson (who apparently is now Daisy whenever Tress MacNeille is busy), both of whom are credited as “Additional Voices”

Rugrats (2021): “Traditions” – Kind of insane how little story there is… Didi is stressed out over the first night of Hanukkah and Christmas Eve being on the same day, and then everything just… works out. I’ve seen a handful of other episodes and I don’t think they ever mentioned Betty is Latina until now.

South Park: “Mr. Hankey, The Christmas Poo” – Never really got into South Park, this was new to me. It’s alright.

Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special – It’s fine. I’d either forgotten some stuff or didn’t see some of the movies so I kept thinking “oh that’s what that character’s deal is?” and “the dog talks now?”

Rugrats: “The Santa Experience” – There’s so much more going on in this one than the modern one, like there’s multiple subplots happening but it never feels rushed.

Rocko’s Modern Christmas – The version on Paramount+ doesn’t have the end credits at all so it misses the little tag at the end where everyone throws out their trees! What the hell!

Hey Arnold!: “Arnold’s Christmas” – Not to dismiss this very touching and melancholy episode, which is probably my favorite Christmas episode of anything, but why didn’t Mr. Hyunh go to the agency as soon as he arrived in the city. OK, sure, the system is more likely to listen to a couple blond white kids than a Vietnamese immigrant with broken English, but still…

Invader Zim: “The Most Horrible X-Mas Ever” – Hadn’t seen this before. Didn’t care for it. Everything is just… too much.

The Adventures of Pete & Pete: “O Christmas Pete” – Garbageman rules. I like when he’s in the Wrigleys’ house and the camera is tilted like an episode of Batman. Oh to be a villain in an episode of Pete & Pete.

Ziggy’s Gift – I hadn’t realized this Christmas special about the world’s lamest comic strip was animated by Richard Williams. Pretty charming, actually.

A Wish For Wings That Work – It’s lavishly animated but fell flat for me. Don’t really care for Breathed’s stuff when he’s in cutesy-poo mode. I kinda wish Steve Dallas and other Bloom County characters had showed up. Guess I’ll have to wait for the Fox series…

Rugrats: “A Rugrats Kwanzaa” – I never knew they updated the opening sequence to include Dil and Kimi, it sucks! It’s nice that they did this episode but it’s too didactic to be entertaining. Also it’s funny that this episode produced with such cultural sensitivity also includes a slur against the Romani people

The Adventures of Pete & Pete: “New Years Pete” – A joy to look at. It’s regrettable how “shooting things from interesting angles” has become a lost art in the world of childrens television.