February 28, 2023
A single-panel comic strip titled Office Cat. A cat wearing glasses and a tie is looking up at the viewer. In front of him are a stack of papers and a dead rodent. Dialogue: Here's that report you wanted, boss. Also, a dead rat.

Never been a better time to bring back my office-themed comic strip Office Cat

February 20, 2023
Screenshot of Bing Chat being asked about Twitter user @robbercat and responding with incorrect information

Screenshot of @robbercat's Twitter profile which contradicts everything Bing Chat said about it

AI is going to take over the world any day now

February 16, 2023
Blondie comic strip from February 16, 2023: Dagwood mentions his wedding anniversary is tomorrow


Some surprising continuity in today’s Blondie… they did indeed wed on February 17:

Blondie comic strip panel from February 17, 1933: Blondie and Dagwood wed


Another important date in Blondie lore…Baby Dumpling’s birthday is April 15th, fitting for a kid named after Alexander Hamilton:

Blondie comic strip from November 7, 1934: Blondie states Baby Dumpling's birthday is April 15th


I didn’t intend to become a Blondie blogger, but I’ve accumulated too much knowledge from doing research and I need to share my findings. Fair warning, expect more in the future.

February 10, 2023

Maria Bartiromo mocking Alex Pareene for citing the New York Times on CNBC.


Made the New York Times today, no big deal.

February 6, 2023

Sierra Mist


Very funny to me that Pepsi’s answer to Sprite has to keep changing its name every 20 years, from Teem to Slice to Sierra Mist and now to Starry. Also funny that “Sierra Mist” is just synonyms for Mountain Dew, very Poochiesque.