March 14, 2023
A single-panel poltical cartoon by Henry Payne. The title Regulate Everything Everywhere All At Once in written in the style of the logo for  Everything Everywhere All At Once. Joe Biden is running through an office throwing papers labeled Regulate Oil, Reg Autos, Reg Gas Stoves, Regulate Washers, and Reg Light Bulbs at bewildered office workers in cubicles.

Presumably Payne would’ve made a cartoon based on whatever movie won Best Picture, so I’m going to take a stab at the other nominees:

All Quiet on the Biden Front: Biden napping while a tank labeled Inflation crushes taxpayers

Top Gun Malarkey: Biden about to crash a fighter jet labeled The Economy into a mountain

EPAtar: The Regulation of Water: Na’vi versions of Biden and AOC standing on a beach, talking about the need to protect the environment with burdensome regulation, unaware that a massive tidal wave labeled Red Wave is about to wipe them out

The Failmans: Biden sitting on a couch saying “Great movie, son!” as Hunter shows him a pornographic home video

The Banshees of Bidensherin: Biden looking distraught as he cradles a dead donkey labeled Democrat Party in his arms

Wokeness Talking: Biden dressed as a Mennonite woman saying things like “there are more than 2 genders”

DisasTár: Biden conducting an orchestra with the various instruments labeled Debt, Crime, Critical Race Theory, Wokeness, etc.

Triangulation of Badness: People on a cruise ship vomiting after seeing a Biden 2024 poster

Evilness: Biden dressed as Elvis during his comeback special saying he’s bringing back inflation

March 7, 2023

Mallard Fillmore Watch

A Mallard Fillmore strip in which Mallard offers an unhoused man some money.
Mallard: Here you go... maybe buy yourself a nice cup of coffee.
Man: Coffee? But that's only a twenty.

Mallard Fillmore voluntarily giving a generous handout to someone less fortunate??? Has the world gone topsy-turvy?!?