July 18, 2023
A Star Wars-themed Hot Wheels car. It features Moff Gideon, played by Giancarlo Esposito. The type of car is a '71 El Camino.

Nicely played, I get the reference 😉

July 11, 2023

My thoughts on the new Facebook app “Threads”

Screenshot of a Bluesky post by yours truly. The text reads 'I think it will be 'I think it will be funny when threads federates and the celebs get to mingle with guys from the stormfront pleroma instance'
July 8, 2023
Dennis the Menace comic. Dennis and his dad are at what appears to be a malt shop. Dennis says 'I like the places that only serve dessert!'   Family Circus comic. Billy is walking into the house, sweaty. His mom has a shocked expression and asks 'Its hot as WHAT out today?'

Dennis is being out-menaced by, of all people, Billy from The Family Circus. Shameful.

July 5, 2023

Blondie Watch

Something I came across when looking through early Blondie strips that I found kind of amusing is this short-lived feature called the Husbands’ Back Fence Club where readers were invited to send in their complaints about their spouses. Just a few months after Blondie and Dagwood’s big wedding and already the comic has pivoted to Battle of the Sexes, ball-and-chain type stuff. Here’s the first two strips in full:

Blondie comic strip. Male neighbors discuss their wives near a back fence. The last panel features complaints sent in by readers.

Blondie comic strip. Again, Male neighbors discuss their wives near a back fence. The last panel features more complaints sent in by readers.

And the rest of them, cropped:

More complaints from husbands, but this time there's complaints from wives too.

Even more complaints from husbands.


This one only features complaints from wives.

Husbands complaining about their wives.

July 3, 2023
Concept art for a carousel themed around Blue Sky Studios at a Malaysian theme park.

I’m gonna keep posting on Twitter until I can’t, which by the looks of things might be sooner rather than later. Who knows how long Bluesky will last, but I’m on there now as well. As always, check out this page for all the places I’m at on the computer.